KEYNOTE: Going for Zero: Bringing Technology Closer to Patients

Thursday, October 24 8:30 AM - 9:10 AM

Location: 208 AB

Event Information

Title: KEYNOTE: Going for Zero: Bringing Technology Closer to Patients

Description: Technology is changing the way we manage our health. More than ever, we rely on health trackers, smart watches and data to better understand our wellbeing. This concept is evolving and Ranndy will discuss not only what is possible now, but what the future holds. He will share reasons to believe that use of this technology will help eliminate heart attack and stroke, Omron's company mission – known as "Going for Zero." Ranndy will discuss the powerful combination of medtech breakthroughs, consumer education and behavior change that will help individuals become more proactive about their health and reduce their risk of cardiac events. As part of his remarks, Ranndy will showcase the latest heart health technology from Omron including HeartGuide, the first wearable oscillometric blood pressure monitor, FDA-cleared as a medical device and share how this technology will bring us one step closer to Going for Zero, its impact on remote patient monitoring and how insights-driven data can build a more complete picture of a patient's heart health. He will also discuss the importance of building partnerships with likeminded companies and physicians to influence heart healthy behavior change.

Type: Session

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