Next-Gen Innovation in Material Choices

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Thursday, October 24 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

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Location: 208AB

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Title: Next-Gen Innovation in Material Choices


Material choices for medical devices are always evolving. Trends like miniaturization, repeat use, 3D printing, and digital patient care are driving modernization in the marketplace. In this session, you'll hear from an industry expert about these application-specific material innovations, and the role of color used to meet the new demands of end users.

Topics covered include:
  • The role of color in medical devices for branding, error proofing and speed of use
  • The FDA's perspective on the use of color
  • Non-operating room material choices for consumers
  • Enhanced compounding of high performance materials (e.g. PEEK. PEKK, PARA)
  • New 3D printing materials

Type: Session

Badge Type: Paid