Point / Counterpoint: Device Development – Slick Function or Fancy Form

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Thursday, October 24 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

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Location: 206AB

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Title: Point / Counterpoint: Device Development – Slick Function or Fancy Form


Medtech devices are built with the goal of providing the healthcare worker, whether it is the doctor, surgeon, nurse practitioner, or an at-home user, an experience that is both functional and effective. In most cases, engineers develop these intricate devices with the idea of functionality and lowest cost in mind. Industrial designers often find the challenges of device development very different and see appearance and "curb appeal" of each new product entering the marketplace as key to success. So, the debate is set. How does the development team address the competing challenges of design vs. function? In this session, you'll interact with industry experts as they present their views and opinion on this critically important subject!

Topics covered will include:
  • Engineering the device to effectively deliver reliable patient care
  • Designing the product to allow quick entry into the marketplace
  • Considering the ergonomic and other user requirements
  • How important is feel through color, shape & materials?

Type: Session

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