Danny Gelfman

Senior Principal Solutions Designer - Healthcare Innovation Team at Medtronic

Danny Gelfman leads and advises advanced concept development of new healthcare solutions in his role as Sr. Principal Solutions Designer on the Healthcare Innovation Team at Medtronic. With a background in industrial design and human factors, he employs user centered design methodologies in the early stages of development to round out the opportunity assessment beyond technical feasibility and market viability. Currently focusing on digital health solutions, Danny has spent nearly 20 years in product development of medical products and devices as a consultant and in-house R&D. His role allows him to spend considerable time with patients, caregivers and clinicians, understanding who they are as people and how they interact with the diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases. The empathic sensibility gained from these interactions provides the foundation for ideation, prototyping and testing of concepts in an iterative process.

Panel: The Art & Science of Prototyping on the Path to Approving Great Products
Thursday, October 24 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM